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The New Logo

Friday, July 30, 2010

Chuck's Corner On Hold For Awhile


I am moving to a different website with a couple of friends because I started to realize awhile ago that I cannot keep up with everything that happens and also I do not have an opinion on every little thing that ESPN/Yahoo/Deadspin/etc posted.  Maybe someone does have one and that's one of the many reasons why I created Sports on Tap.

The five guys that will be working on this website will be Eric, Patrick, Michael, Mitch, and myself bringing you various opinions on sports.  The launch date is set for August 2nd.  There will be a Daily Debate where we will talk back and forth about topic like we would be on Friday night having a few cold ones. 

In the next couple of weeks, I will link all of my articles that I personally write so you guys can all I get used to the new site.  The url will be  as I said before, get ready on August 2nd for up to the minute sports blog network where we will never you leave you thirsting for more. 


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TOcho=The Disaster of 2010 Season

The Cincinnati Bengals might be the most frustrating team in the NFL.   I wrote last week about how the Baltimore Ravens weren't a lock for the Super Bowl and that they might not even win the division because the Bengals are that damn good.  Then they go and screw things up by bringing in Terrell Owens. Kevin McAillister can sum it up for me... buzz's girlfriend.. woof.

I thought the Bengals had a lot of promise after they made the playoffs last year getting Antwan Odom back and Rey Maualuga getting better.  They also had a pretty good draft and adding Antonio Bryant/Jordan Shipley made their passing offense much better than that 26th rank from last year.  Then T.O. has to come into the picture and ruin things like Nexus in the WWE (best idea in awhile by the way).   

I have never been on the T.O. bandwagon because he is a headcase.  Not like Chad OchoCinco who is more of an entertainer but never really damages the team like Owens has done so many times before.  Tell me which team has left missing Owens?  None of them.  Nobody wants the guy around after awhile because he is a big baby and everything has to be about him.

People are going to spin this in the direction of that Ocho can reel this guy in and get his head straight. I will believe it when I see it, he doesn't make the offense any better and Cedric Benson will have an off year, just don't see him able to keep it up.  Owens and Ocho will not be as close as friends by the end of the year. It reminds me of when you and your best friend want to live together in college because "all we will do is rage and bone chicks without any drama due to the fact that we are bros."  Then things can get ugly between the two for a variety of reasons.  This same will happen with T.O and Ocho.  

I cannot believe I saw a couple people excited about this, I love Chad but Owens will not make him better nor improve their team by more than one win.  He will show up when he wants to and will blow up like a Fourth of July firework display.  But just like Favre, we will shrug it off because all of us know it's just T.O. destroying another franchise.


Jim Edmonds: Just Brings It

I remember when the Milwaukee Brewers' signed Jim Edmonds.  I talked to a variety of my buddies and we were all really excited for the signings.  The reason was because he always hit the ball well at Miller Park plus he seemed like a class act. 

He had a great Spring Training and earned himself a starting spot on Opening Day with the struggles of Corey Hart.  Edmonds looked okay throughout the first couple of months but nothing special, just a bench player who hit the ball once in awhile.  He went on the disabled list for awhile and guys like Eric started to be very negative about him.  I think he said something like 'of course now that he is on the Brewers, he struggles.' I don't blame with the example of Jeff Suppan.  But ever since the All Star Break, Edmonds has been on fire.

He is seeing the ball like he is 28, making those Gold Glove catches that we all remember, and as he announced his retirement on Saturday, he said he was going out with a bang.  Forget the fact that Edmonds is banged up with an Achilles injury but he pulled a Russell Branyan tonight who just came in to hit a home run Monday night. Even with the bum Achilles, Edmonds continues to rake in any way he can.  In addition, everyone has got behind him and is one of the fan favorites of the 2010 season.

As he rides into the sunset like Solomon Torres and others did after a successful final year with the Brewers, I would like to personally thank Edmonds for bringing it every day even when some of the team doesn't. I believe some day he will be an excellent baseball coach and could be valuable for an organization.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quiet Down Roy.

I wondered to myself why Dez Bryant's refusal to take Roy Williams' pads was such a big story today. I assumed this reason, it's the first football story of the 2010-2011 season and it's the Dallas Cowboys therefore it will be a bigger story than it needs to be.  People who believe that Bryant is already a diva receiver are mistaken.

Bryant falls into the category of 'you would be a top 10 favorite of mine if you didn't play for such a shitty team.'  I cannot stand the Cowboys so cheering on Bryant would be a crime to my Packer fan hood but do I think Bryant has a very good chance to win Rookie of the Year plus make a big time dent. You bet your ass.

First off, Bryant signed for less money and is already in training camp working hard unlike other wide receivers (cough Michael Crabtree cough) in their first season.  Second of all, I am hearing that he is following around Tony Romo around like Romo is his older brother.  Bryant is just absorbing everything he can right now and you know who he isn't learning from?  Roy Williams, that's who.

Face it, this guy knows that Bryant will take Williams' spot by week three, maybe earlier.  Williams has been nothing but trouble for the Cowboys. He has complained about a variety of things already in his career and this is just another thing for him to whine about.  He should be more worried about competing for his spot rather than some 'rook' not taking his pads.


Monday, July 26, 2010

CP3 Stays Loyal For Now...

I have to admit I was pretty upset to learn that Chris Paul wanted out of New Orleans after one disappointing year and gave his personal wish list of places he would like to play. Honestly, it couldn't have made me more mad because I am old school in terms of loyalty, I like it when it happens but I also understand that it's a business more than I like to believe. 

So today when I heard from ESPN and others that Paul seemed extremely positive after the meeting with the management after he acted as if he didn't want to be apart of the Nola, he had this to say...
             "I expressed my desire to win and I like what they said about the direction that they want to take the team. I have been a Hornet my entire career and I hope to represent the city of New Orleans and state of Louisiana for many years to come."

I am glad Paul went that route because even though New Orleans doesn't clutch on him as much as they did before the New Orleans Saints' Super Bowl victory, they still need Paul.  That arena and the team will die faster than anything going on in Cleveland right now and once again, kill professional basketball in the state of Louisiana.

Paul worried that New Orleans couldn't win with the team they have and honestly, I don't see it. I think the Western Conference isn't as strong as it's been in years past. If Paul can stay healthy, the Hornets will find themselves in the playoffs.  They have good veterans like Peja Stojakovic, David West, Emeka Okafor and James Posey. Not to mention, two talented young guys who came on strong last season-Marcus Thornton and Darren Collison. The lineup of Paul-Thornton-Peja-West-Okafor would not be a bad one to make a playoff run with a couple guys contributing off their bench.

In my opinion, Paul wanted what his buddy LeBron James just got. All the attention in the world and a great, not a good team around him so he could win right now.  I have no idea if Paul realized that leaving New Orleans isn't a good move right now or that he just isn't ready to move on from the team who drafted him.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Expected Rant

Are the Milwaukee Brewers the most unwatchable team in Major League Baseball? 

People would probably say no because of teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Orioles, and the Pittsburgh Pirates but here me out on this one.  The Brewers are like the hot girl at school who always wear sweatpants and a hoodie on most days never showing off their true assets that God gave them.  Then there are those stretches where she actually looks hot and turns heads.  That is exactly what the Milwaukee Brewers do to their fans.  For the most part, we are an underachieving team but there are those instances where the Crew appears they can make the playoffs.   

Right now, we look like the girl who added 15 pounds from her first year of college, just ugly, unattractive, nothing like we were two years ago.  The Brewers' starters have given up 10 runs in their last three of four starts, which is something that has only happened one other time (1937!) and nobody can just flat out say "Look we suck right now."  The worst part about this was reading about how Randy Wolf who leads the league in runs allowed, walks, and tied for home runs given up (29 million right there boys!) says he would rather be out there than murder the bullpen. Yeah that sounds about as good as herpes, let's keep a guy out there who is hanging curveballs and let's really get our asses kicked instead of trying to salvage a game. Good thoughts all around.

 Everyone is just stroking everybody else's egos in that clubhouse with nobody wanting to be the asshole as my dad said last night. No one (Macha/Melvin/Attanasio) in the management has ripped this team like they need to. All we can resort to is hearing on the various sports talk radio shows about how angry the fans are right now on this team.

Why are we angry?  Let's see forget about the stuff above but how about designating a guy like Lorenzo Cain who has the chance to outplay Carlos Gomez who is Willie 'Mays' Hayes from Major League II when he is up on the plate.  I mean it's understandable but what about cutting our ties with somebody else? I mean I get Cain will get everyday playing time down there but he still could get some experience up here. I have a feeling we will see him again soon because Jim Edmonds' Achilles seems like it's more of a problem than it needs to be. 

Another reason why there is anger from the fans is the fact Manny Parra gets more chances than a cheating boyfriend.  Chris Capuano pitched his ass off on Monday night and has been the only bright spot this week, therefore it makes the most sense to send him back to the bullpen.  What is going with this team, every move feels like the wrong one and I believe most of us are fed up with the Brewers' decision making right now.  Parra still in the rotation after multiple bad starts in the month of July doesn't make any sense to me at least. 

They better hope Yovani Gallardo can give them a great performance because if not, ruuuut rooh. Big time changes will be coming on Friday before the home stand. I have no idea what they will be but I have a feeling there will be a Black Friday just as there was a Black Wednesday last season.  But knowing the Brewers, they will prolong this until it really gets out of hand. 


Dear Roy Oswalt and the Major Leagues,

This is an open letter to both Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt who is the hottest thing since Amber from Teen Mom and the rest of the major leagues.

I do not understand why anyone would be batshit crazy enough to trade for you Roy.  Yeah your numbers this season for the Astros are awesome if you are an advanced stats guy (let's be honest, this guy is Jonah Keri and other stat guys wet dream right now).   You are as talented as any pitcher in the big leagues but if anyone thinks it's a good idea to pitch up for 16 million dollar option for 2012 must have had five Dan Gilbert strength Gin and Tonics to talk themselves into this idea. 

Right now, Oswalt is 32 years old and he would be 34 years old when that said option gets picked up. Are you kidding me?  There is no way that Oswalt who has some injury issues would be as dominate as he is today. To be honest, I would take a chance on Dan Haren before I would even touch Oswalt.  He is not worth the money that he wants and the Astros are asking for three prospects on that of that.  Is it really worth it to some teams?

For Philadelphia, it would be idiotic. They cannot get run support with their ace right now Roy Halladay so what's them think that they would do with Oswalt?  I think the only reason they are involved is because the Phillies know they can rip off former clueless GM Ed Wade.  Now, I am hearing that St. Louis is believed to be the favorite.  I do understand that if they land Oswalt, no one I mean no one in the Major Leagues is touching their pitching staff but where would be the money for Pujols?

There was an article out last year that maybe Will Leitch wrote or he linked it, I forget how it went but it basically explained how the new management has a new style that Tony LaRussa isn't a fan of for the most part.  People rumored that he might retire as Pujols' contract is up and that Albert would leave St. Louis for greener pastures with LaRussa out of the picture.  If we follow that theory, I think the Oswalt trade would add another top line pitcher (Wainwright/Carpenter/Oswalt if healthy is destructive)  and they still have Matt Holliday.  It would be very interesting to see him head to the Arch.